cultivate leadership, build community, and advance social justice in mental health

Looking ahead, we know that systems change comes when those affected by the issues are centered in the solutions. Mental health care is changing rapidly, and we are at the center of the next evolution of the mental health system, and Care Counseling is committed to being at the forefront.


Our clinicians receive ongoing education and training


A strong community directly correlates to CARE’s success.


We are dedicated to building a familial workplace experience

Let us introduce

care counseling’s story

In community mental health centers, there tends to be a strong sense of community, rich culture, support systems, and a strong mission statement. However, this is often at the expense of a lower salary. Conversely, private practices provide a high standard of living with great flexibility, but often leaves a sense of isolation.

Dr. Andrea Hutchinson and her co-owner John saw an opportunity to combine the positive attributes of the above dichotomy and provide a clinical environment that embraced both community, values, and a high standard of living. These values were at the core of the development of CARE Counseling in January of 2014 leading to CARE’s mission statement: build a community to strengthen the community.

CARE continues to work towards these attributes, and prides itself on providing employees a competitive salary, a congenial work environment, and the flexibility and freedom that is valuable to professionals who have other personal and professional goals. This is achieved through its focus on community, a work hard/play hard mentality, transparency, and accountability with team members. CARE is dedicated to providing a great professional experience for its clinicians so that in turn, the clinicians will provide a high-level standard of care to our community that is inherently sustainable.

Values and Vision

Community is central to the culture of CARE, and we take great pride in our work.

Clinician Culture

Learn more about how CARE Counseling creates culture.

Fun Events for CARE Staff

A team that plays together stays together – whether we’re enjoying happy hours, escaping from a puzzle room, providing self care such as hosting CARE’s holiday parties, we play as hard as we work.

Monthly Happy Hour

A team favorite! Monthly Happy Hour allows for staff to enjoy time together outside of the workplace. Building connections outside of work help lead to a stronger team cohesion. Keeping our staff happy is crucial to CARE’s success.

Weekly Consult

Clear, open communication is essential to CARE’s success. We do weekly group consult to give the clinicians the opportunity to work through difficult cases, get feedback and new ideas, and share in successes.


At CARE, we want you to enjoy your time out of the office having input into the composition of your caseload are goals shared by both CARE & CARE’s Clinicians.


Healthcare, Dental, 401k match, & PTO are just a few of the benefits offered at CARE Counseling…but things like the extra day off for adopting a Puppy or Kitten really speak to us.

Draw Energy from your Office

An office is more than a desk and a couch. We work hard to ensure that our office spaces are inviting, comfortable environments as evident by our decor and furniture. Of course, you are always welcome to provide your own unique touch to your space!

Birthday Parties

As an employee at CARE you can have your cake and eat it too! Our staff feels CARE’d for all day with their pick of the lunch treat, and a small token of our appreciation.

Overall Great Environment

On your break step upstairs into our lounge – complete with plush leather chairs, a Keurig machine, and an endless supply of snacks! Not to mention great conversation with CARE staff.

Clinician Growth

At CARE we never want you to feel like you are stuck in a “growth rut.” To ensure continual professional growth in our clinicians, we provide the following:

  • The value of an individual weekly consult. This meeting with CARE allows you to raise new ideas, voice concerns, and provide input on your caseload.
  • Opportunity to be Supervisor
  • Have input in your schedule. On a quarterly basis you can arrange your schedule in a way that ensures you won’t burn out. 3 day weekends anyone??

Community involvement

  • Community Presentations – At CARE we know that the stigmatization surrounding mental illness is a very real barrier when it comes to people seeking help. This is why we present at schools, and non-profits so that we can play a part in reducing this stigma within our community.
  • Supporting Organizations – We partner annually with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in order to raise funds, and participate in the 5K run/walk to help support the millions affected by mental illness.
  • Team Initiatives – We want to know what YOU care about! We value the ideas and passions of our staff, and want to ensure that CARE supports these initiatives in any way that we can

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